Nicky Scorpio


“Together we can create a new culture in popular art that celebrates diversity and encourage vulnerability.”  – Nicky Scorpio


Thank you for listening and supporting music with a message.
I made this song to remind myself and anyone else going through difficult or challenging times, that no matter what anyone says or does, it’s good to be different and we are loved. I know how difficult it can be sometimes to just be our true selves.
I hope you listen to this song and feel how powerful and amazing you are.
This song is also encoded with healing frequencies. This is a first for music. All nine solfeggio frequencies are encoded in this song for body, mind and soul. The more you listen, the better you will feel.

Scorpio Rising Podcast

Who is Nicky Scorpio?

The Sophisticated Pyschos

Nicky Scorpio is part of a collective called The Sophisticated Psychos with his partner, renaissance woman Kyriaki Chonacas. This duo is creating content that is focused on mental health, the power of love, and the celebration of diversity. Nicky and Kyriaki believe art and music should not only heal but also encourage people to be themselves. Their content ranges from original songs and beats with healing frequencies, to their new popular web series titled, “Couples Therapy”.