Kivo – Musical Duo The Sophisticated Psychos on the Importance of Forgiving Through Music

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The beauty of art is that it often acts as a medium to reflect on real-world issues. Whether it’s music, movies, or web/television series, the arts have a way of influencing or bringing people together for a cause. With music, you can sing and make beats about various topics or experiences that can connect with listeners. Kyriaki Chonacas is one-half of The Sophisticated Psychos, a musical duo and comedian pair that regularly post their works on The Sophisticated Psychos YouTube Channel

Kyriaki Chonacas, also known as  Katie Chonacas and Kyriaki, is a Greek poet and DJ from Detroit. Chonacas found herself developing a love for music as she grew up listening to Motown. Before Kyriaki entered her pre-teen years, she knew that she had a destiny and a calling. The seeker and would-be musician & actress held on tight and protected her inner child and her spirit growing up.

Chonacas had it all planned out. Kyriaki needed to build her name, her legacy, and her brand. However, in the 9th grade, tragedy struck. A boy in her class took advantage of her and took her innocence away. That same day, she was shamed and guilted by a group of girls she had considered her friends.

The situation proved to be a stern wake up call, and Chonacas put on armor and took responsibility. She would go on to wear those badges through the years of growing up. Kyriaki struggled emotionally, held up a strong front, and held herself back, refusing to speak up or tell people how she felt.

Kyriaki would later party in the heart of the Detroit underground music scene.  Kyriaki would go face-to-face, listening to pioneering DJs like Bad Boy Bill, Diesel Boy, Carl Cox, and Plastikman, among others. After internationally touring opening up in Europe and South Africa with 50 Cent and the G-Unit Camp, Chonacas would later pursue a music career as a DJ, taking inspiration from her roots in the underground music scene. 

Despite entering a new phase of her life and chasing her childhood dream, the hurt would remain. Even as Kyriaki traveled the world and pursued a successful career with a smile that spoke of hope and positivity, she still kept the habit of building herself up, running, and tearing herself down. The years were full of ups and downs, but through it, Chonacas recognized the dysfunctional patterns, and now she has been able to see the red flags and take actionable steps to build herself up once and for all.

Kyriaki made peace and is rebranding herself after crossing paths with vocalist/songwriter/producer and Bay Area native Nicky Scorpio of The Sophisticated Psychos. Together, they would embark on a musical journey of vulnerability with raw, edgy subject matter that deals with abuse, mental health, and society.  One of their missions as a duo is to change people’s perspective on themselves. Chonacas recently released her first solo EP titled Hypnotic Energy on all streaming platforms in collaboration with Subtle Energy

The Sophisticated Psychos play with electronic beats that are encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies.  639 Hz healing frequencies fosters forgiveness within ourselves and with our relationships and stimulates the higher heart chakra.  On a planetary level, Kyriaki believes that now more than ever we all need to learn to forgive ourselves and one another a lot more. The Hypnotic Energy EP was mixed and mastered by Nicky Scorpio.

Now that Chonacas has finally forgiven herself and is in a hopeful faith based place while pursuing her dreams and building her brands, she hopes to land regular roles in animation series and be a household name working as an actor in films and television. Chonacas also foresees becoming a household name globally, participating in women’s organizations and speaking to the masses, leading by example through kindness, compassion, and the shared arts.

Learn more about Saint Kyriaki aka Katie Chonacas and The Sophisticated Psychos, you may visit her website and subscribe to her new popular She’s All Over the Place Podcast The Sophisticated Psychos music is also available on Spotify and music videos on their  YouTube Channel.