Music Observer – Nicky Scorpio of The Sophisticated Psychos Uses the Creative Realm to Serve as a Voice for the Voiceless

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After growing up in a tough neighborhood in the Bay Area, overcoming poverty, being raised in an LGBTQ+ home, and losing a parent to AIDS, Nicky Scorpio can safely say that he has endured his fair share of seemingly insurmountable life challenges. While the experiences may have been tough, overcoming abandonment, poverty, and deep insecurities has undeniably brought him a broader perspective of life that allows him to see the good in every person. 

Moreover, his journey has led him to become a compelling storyteller, promoting healing for the ones struggling internally and giving voice to the voiceless. 

Nicky Scorpio is a rising singer, songwriter, producer and popular podcaster who is part of the creative duo, The Sophisticated Psychos. His artistic realm is focused on speaking out for the voiceless, while incorporating mental health, healing abandonment, and addressing vulnerability in popular culture. Essentially, Nicky’s mission in music and art is to remove titles that divide people. 

As an artist, Nicky Scorpio creates content that promotes positive values, morals, ethics, and love for everyone. In line with this, Nicky Scorpio has recently released a EP playlist titled “Wavey” on Soundcloud with modern trap and electronic beats that have been tuned to certain sound frequencies so that people can dance, meditate, and heal from stress, anxiety, and overwhelm as well as bring healing to the world. Nicky Scorpio also launched a podcast titled Scorpio Rising, which is focused on discussing mental health primarily for artists, entertainers, thought leaders, and human beings who are looking to transform their life holistically and to celebrate themselves. Scorpio Rising recently hit the top 100 podcasts for mental health and is only growing. 

Nicky Scorpio makes up half of the collective The Sophisticated Psychos, alongside his partner and multi-talented artist KYRIAKI aka Katie Chonacas, who founded the web series Couples Therapy which can be found on their Youtube channel, The Sophisticated Psychos. Ultimately, the iconic duo uses their platform to promote the power of love to their audience. Through their web series, Nicky and Katie reveal an honest perspective of being in a relationship while giving the audience laughter and inspirational insights. 

Unlike mainstream influencers and artists who are caught up in Hollywood gossip, conflicts, chaos, and promote division, Nicky Scorpio strives to focus on the ways he can make a difference and build a positive community of influence. The talented artist is committed to bringing awareness about social, economic, and political issues that need to be addressed.

Today, Nicky Scorpio hopes to ignite a change among those who are struggling with their self image and those marginalized within society. In essence, he intends to use the power of art and music to further inspire those with positive goals and aspirations in life. Nicky says, “What I want for the person who was told they are wrong for how they love, how they look, or how unique they may be to say, ‘Wow, thank goodness I know how great I am.’ For the person in poverty, I want them to get excited about education,themselves to others, to change the focus of the hashtags and accounts they’re looking at and what brands and ideas they’re supporting. I want to leave people feeling happy with who they are, the unedited version of themselves.”