NY Weekly – The Sophisticated Psychos Empower Audiences Through Purpose-Based Media

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Every once in a while, revolutionary minds spring in various art forms to stir the world and leave people in wonder. The Sophisticated Psychos, formed by the iconic duo poet Katie Elizabeth Chonacas, aka Kyriaki, together with songwriter Nicky Scorpio, have done more than merely left audiences in awe. The team has reshaped the idea of purpose-based media through their music centered on loving oneself.

The epic partnership between two creative minds recently brought forth its Hypnotic Energy EP, encoded with 639 Hz healing frequencies. The duo has long captivated listeners on how they tackle mental health, anxiety, depression, and self-love. The two independent content creators are driven by the power of grace and goodness they see in the world through the lens of purity.

Amid the current global circumstances and challenges posed by the pandemic, The Sophisticated Psychos aims to bring a sense of healing and forgiveness to their listeners. The poet behind the beats, Kyriaki, shared that it seeks to dig deep, foster forgiveness for oneself and forgiveness in our relationships and stimulate the higher heart chakra of its listeners by having 639 Hz healing frequencies encoded by partnering up with Subtle Energy . In one way or another, Kyriaki ensures that it will touch audiences more profoundly and sympathetically.

Additionally, The Sophisticated Psychos is known for relentlessly spreading their purpose through the digital space. The duo has gained thousands of accumulated views on Youtube for their thought-provoking music, moving audiences from coast to coast and internationally. The creative team is proactively using their platforms to counter negativity and be the voice of their generation.

The Sophisticated Psychos also launched a web series entitled Couples Therapy Show Improv Comedy Series. The first season of the series is already up and running with eight episodes on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel. Furthermore, Kyriaki shared that they just wrapped seasons two and three, featuring more improv comedy episodes with Alessandra Levy and Steven Cohen that will soon reach audiences through their Youtube channel. Chonacas also has her own podcast called She’s All Over the Place, offering great episodes tackling business, spirituality, and wellness.

Kyriaki personally shared how she seeks to reach out to younger generations through the influence they have formed for The Sophisticated Psychos. The platform is an avenue for her to share insights and guide others who struggle with mental health. Kyriaki empowers her audiences through entertainment mixed with educational improv comedy, capturing audiences through music worldwide. In turn, the duo has gained the admiration of thousands across the globe who have found sympathy and support for their journey.

The Sophisticated Psychos has continually spread a ripple effect in the world through their bright, positive attitude. With one song or one video, the duo lightens up an atmosphere and uplifts the souls of their listeners. Over their years in the industry, their healing frequencies have been vital in EDM lovers and various listeners’ journey, healing their hearts and souls. The team is best known for guiding their audiences in the path of ethics, morals, and values, shaping a better world for future generations to come.

Kyriaki has had her own share of scars—bullying, sexual assault, and emotional abuse. Still, she pulled through her circumstances and wore the badges of her past fiercely, believing that it was the journey that birthed the profound poet and producer she is today. Together with her partner Nicky Scorpio, she wants to make The Sophisticated Psychos known worldwide. The duo aims to venture into more voiceover animation spots as they both are voiceover actors, and continue producing digital content, their web series and tv shows to inspire millions worldwide.

Check the article on New York Weekly.