Tech Today – New Comedy Improv Web Series Now Available on The Sophisticated Psychos Youtube Channel, Couples Therapy

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The Sophisticated Psychos created an eight-episode original web series on Youtube titled Couples Therapy. The web series follows creative and partners Katie Chonacas and Nicky Scorpio as they navigate the dating world during­ COVID 19 with the assistance of their therapist, played by Alessandra Levy. The web series is produced and directed by Katie Chonacas. Nicky Scorpio is the editor and produced the music.

Katie Chonacas, Nicky Scorpio, and Alessandra Levy will be sticking around for an upcoming season two of Couples Therapy, in addition, will be adding additional guest therapists and healers to ensure this relationship is as healthy as possible.

DESCRIPTION: Couples Therapy is a family-friendly improv comedy web series. The series looks into the journey of what it’s like for a couple living and working together in an NYC condo during the COVID 19 lockdown. The set up for the show is via Zoom calls, the two Scorpio artists are in a long-term romantic and business relationship who have decided to get a therapist for a healthier perspective. Although their therapist means well, her advice is often confusing and outright wacky.

Read what fans are saying about the new improv web series Couples Therapy:

“Once again The Sophisticated Psychos strike comedic gold with their Couple’s Therapy Show. For anyone who has actually been to couples therapy get ready to relate and laugh! The subtle looks and punchy dialogue are hilarious. Can’t wait for Couple’s Therapy the Movie!!! Nicky and Katie keep ‘em coming!’ — Niels Schuurmans CMO and CCO at 101 Studios and Sports Illustrated Studios

“Hilarious! Love the offbeat humor coupled with the modern age spiritually. Katie Chonacas, Nicky Scorpio, and Alessandra Levy all have unique voices and know how to use them!” — Randy Thomas the first woman in history to announce the Academy Awards, Emmy’s, and Tony Awards. A 20-year broadcaster and professional voiceover artist.

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